Web Design & Development

A website is a virtual representative of a company, just like a signboard in front of a building, now it serves as an image. Often through its spectrum, customers recognize the quality of displayed products or services. Therefore, it is important that it creates in their eyes the supreme image of the company and at the same time is friendly for the users.

The Internet portal develops together with your business

Nowadays, the market is very volatile, as is your company’s operations. In order to enable changes in the website, it is modularly built and allows you to add new functions in the future. Additionally, each project is connected to the CMS system, which easily allows you to make changes and edit it.

New clients for your business

A technologically good website is the first step. To make it bring additional benefits in the form of new customers for your company you can add to it marketing activities on the Internet.

The latest web technologies and certificates

To guarantee the best quality of services we use the newest proven technologies. As a proof of this, we constantly obtain new certificates. Additionally, we have the status of Google partner.

Web page accustomed to mobile devices

For several years now, we have been observing an increase in the share of mobile devices used by users to browse the site. Therefore, we put a lot of attention to ensure proper operating of the website on mobile devices. All the projects created by us are responsive, which means that they accustom their display to each appliance .

Company services from A to Z

Often, the implementation of the portal requires activities in other fields, such as logotype creation, business card and letterhead designs, creation of printed advertising materials, photographic services, film recording, animation creation or social networking. You can have all this in one place.

The process of creating a website


The most important stage of the whole process of creating a website is analysis. We check how the best in the industry work, analyze how they achieve success and on the basis of the conclusions we select the best solutions. On the other hand, there are opportunities for your company, we confront them with available solutions and create a tailor-made portal. Sometimes it improves the internal work of the company and automates actions, sometimes it changes the image of the company in the eyes of customers, but in each case it should meet the main goal of the company.

Consultation and identification of your needs

Analysis of the industry

Design phase

Development work

Performance and security tests of the website

Monitoring and analysis of results

Available webpage packages

Showcase Websites +

Simple website for start-ups

◊ Small page volume

◊ Short implementation time

◊ Standard opportunities and services

Business Websites ++

Professional websites for companies

◊ Marketing analysis and individual projects

◊ Atypical solutions and modules

◊ Extensive package of additional services

Advanced Websites +++

Expanded solutions with process automation

◊ Automation of processes in the company

◊ Integration with existing systems

◊ Web and mobile applications

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