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What is the time of implementation of the website?

What is the time of implementation of the website?
Creating websites is an individual process for each project. The time of implementation depends on the size of the project. Each time we define it in the submitted offer. In the case of standard websites it is possible to generalise the time to about 7 days for graphic work and 7-10 programming works. Internet business cards do not contain graphic works, so in their case the time is already mentioned 7-10 days for the whole. For urgent projects, we also offer an accelerated deadline for implementation – it is then set individually.

What information should be provided?

We do our best to ensure that as little work as possible is on the customer’s side. As an Interactive Agency we have a wide range of services, so we do practically everything on our own. When creating a project we analyze the industry, segregate the content and create graphic designs to illustrate the appearance of your website. As a rule, we only need two steps:

– fill in a questionnaire, which will allow the graphic designer to get to know your taste and expectations
– preparing texts about the company and the offer (because who knows the company better than you?) If necessary, you can use the help of copywriters, with whom we cooperate, who will write the texts.

How to prepare properly for the collaboration?

The most important thing is to determine the purpose of the website. Depending on the industry, it may be different: improving the company’s image, attracting new customers, selling or implementing a specific business process. On this basis we will be able to offer you the best layout and construction and we will propose promotion channels. Additionally, it is good to think about the information we will provide to the users and their structure. It is best to provide us with materials concerning the company. A good example is a situation where a crucial point will be the presentation of an extensive offer. It is best to send it to us for familiarization with the photos, and we will present it in an accessible way. 

What if I don't like the project?

We create the project on the basis of agreements with you and industry analysis. However, if you do not like it, the price includes the creation of a completely new one. In this case, we once again precisely determine the direction in which the graphic designer is to create new visualizations. The first project usually contains a lot of our inventions and ideas. In the case of the second project, the web design is carried out according to commonly agreed criteria with less interference of our computer graphic designer.

Will I be able to change my website in the future?

Yes, all websites that we design have a CMS system that allows you to easily edit the content (similar to Word), add new bookmarks, photos, galleries, etc., and add new ones. You can edit practically every part of the website.

Additionally, from a technological point of view, they are modularly built, which in practice means that in the future it is possible to expand with new advanced functions and elements.

What kind of confirmation will I receive?

Before starting cooperation we will prepare a contract for you. We have made sure that there are included all the necessary provisions in the future concerning the warranty and copyrights.

We issue a 23% VAT invoice for all services rendered.

Are there any other additional costs while designing a website?

Our offer is comprehensive, the price includes all the services needed to launch a website. In addition, we provide a guarantee for the work done.

In the future, however, it is worth remembering that each website requires two things to function:

– domain (this is the Internet address)
– server (in simple terms, this is the computer on which the website is physically located)

Depending on your preferences, we can use the resources you already have or register new ones for the project.