Web Application Development

We are a team of knowledgeable programmers and designers building web and mobile applications. We engage in projects for huge, international companies. We operate with the use of agile Scrum methodology. We communicate fluently in English and German.

Java Specialists


We have an expertise in Java. We will create individual software for your company on request. We will advance functional models and modern graphic designs, bolst the IT department with the present project and bring support and advancement of applications.

Web applications

Mobile applications

front-end and ux

servers and back-end





































IT Outsourcing




We can bolst your IT department in the application of your present project. We have a huge knowledge in the development of custom projects from different countries. The work done in a given project is professionally documented, and the software created is guaranteed. We also offer after-sales service.




Scrum Methodology

We use the Scrum agile methodology to run the project. The work is detached into several weekly phases. These, in turn, are divided into daily gatherings on present problems of the project. Application of you as a client in this process permits to dynamically display the progress of performance and to answer to arising changes.

Technologies in which we create custom software:

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