Digital Marketing

Reach out to your clients in high domain positions, i.e. on the front page of Google's organic search engine results. It is a long-term service, which in a professional version is based on two foundations: audit (optimization recommendations) and linking with thematic services. Before choosing SEO, please read Google's tips.

SEO audit of the positioned website – how does it work?

The base of our service is to analyse whether the service and domain is adapted for Google positioning. SEO audit carried out by a SEO specialist provides information which elements should be improved to make the website more search engine friendly. SEO audit pays particular attention to the content on the website (“Content is the King”), the structure of the service and its source code, the basic elements of UX, as well as internal and external linking. Optimisation recommendations are directions that are the product of an audit. Their application will boost the traffic and interest in your offer, that is why it is so crucial for us and for you. SEO audit is also regularly used at the phase of designing client pages, so that we can arrive in the sphere of Google with already arranged business.

The proper phrases for positioning equals new clients

SEO audit provides us with information by which phrases you already appear and by which phrases you should appear.

The right list of phrases is the certainty that we do not put the proverbial billboard in the middle of the forest.
Properly selected phrases are searched for and reflect the services/products you offer. In addition, the prepared list of SEO phrases ensures the consistency between trendy phrases (which are often also very competing) and complex phrases (with lower competitiveness).

How do we position our customers’ websites?

Building the popularity of the website is done by acquiring beneficial links leading to your website. These links are chosen thematically from preferred websites. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that the service is implemented in an ethical manner and secure for their domains.

Check and analyze online positioning results

Google Analytics, Google Search Console and customer panel are the basic tools where you can check the effects.

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