Advanced Websites

The most advanced type of websites is called the advanced portal. It is distinguished by unusual functions created on customer’s request. Among them, we can particularly recommend websites for housing developers and reservation systems for doctors.




Automation of business processes
Advanced portals are characterized by automation of processes in the enterprise to improve its operation. The value is visible both for the customer, who can perform a given activity over the Internet, and for your company thanks to online management of them.

Websites for developers

Particularly noteworthy is our system for handling construction investments. It has almost unlimited possibilities to present buildings, related materials and visualizations. Everything with the possibility of intuitive management by the admin panel.

Online booking

Reservation systems are used in various industries, from medical clinics to car repair shops. Wherever customers agree on a specific time, the system can be used. Its main advantage is the improvement of work organization for the service provider and management of all visits from one place.

Integration with external systems

It allows you to connect your website with other portals and computer programs (e.g. accounting, warehouse). The most frequently ordered integrations include: allegro, amazon, ebay, homebook, integration with courier companies and wholesalers.

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