Business Card Websites

This is a service aimed at people starting their business on the Internet. Business cards are small websites containing several subpages with basic information. Both the cost and the lead time are the lowest in this case. This is mainly due to the elimination of the conceptual and graphic phases. We build this type of websites on the basis of the motives presented earlier to the client.

What do I get in the package?

♦ Fully functional website
♦ Access to the CMS system for editing of 
the domain
♦ Email box in the selected domain
♦ Server maintenance

Properties of the website

♦ Responsive (RWD) – adapts to mobile devices
♦ Lightweight – has a small volume and loads quickly
♦ Manageable – you can easily edit its content

Implementation in 3 steps!

♦ We present 3 selected templates of pages
♦ After choosing the right one, we supplement it with your logo, photos and content.
♦ We run the page under the specified domain name.

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